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Weather in "The Great Gatsby"

Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

The Hottest Day of the Year 

            Chapter seven takes place on the hottest day of the summer. This weather pattern sets up two connections between the climate and the plot of the novel. First, the connection of the heat to the mood of the story is made. The hottest day of the year also happens to be the day Gatsby confronts Tom about his love with Daisy. The heat intensifies the tension between the two. The heat and the fight soon become unbearable and both Gatsby and Tom snap.


            The other connection created in this chapter is the link between the summer and Gatsby’s hope for attaining Daisy as his love. Daisy’s and Gatsby’s relationship happens to peak on the hottest day of the summer. Their love is at the greatest and in turn Gatsby’s hope is the highest it has been all summer. Similarly, the heat is also the highest it has been all summer, creating the connection. Although introduced in this chapter, the correlation between summer and hope will be strengthened in chapter eight.   

Created by Zachary Dell