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Weather in "The Great Gatsby"
Chapter Eight
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

Summer Dreams Fade into the Autumn Breeze

         Chapter eight concludes the use of weather in the novel. The connection made in this chapter was first introduced in chapter seven and consists of the relationship between Gatsby’s dreams and the summer. The weather from the previous chapter to this one dramatically shifts from summer to autumn. Gatsby’s hope of love with Daisy also shifts downhill in this chapter; it is basically over between the two of them. In turn, the autumn season represents the death of Gatsby’s dreams.


          Even though his dreams are dead, Gatsby does not want to let go of Daisy; he still loves her. This is represented by Gatsby’s swimming pool. A pool represents summer life, a life that was over on the autumn day described. But such as Gatsby could not let go of Daisy, he couldn’t let go of summer and decided to swim in his pool. Soon after getting in the pool, he is killed. On his deathbed, Gatsby longed for Daisy as he longed for summer to return.  

Created by Zachary Dell