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Weather in "The Great Gatsby"
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

Weather Symbolism Throughout the Novel


           Throughout the novel, weather is used in many ways but it is primarily used to set the mood of the story. The storms and sunny periods set the atmosphere of the story and help to unveil the plot. On the other hand, some weather was used symbolically in the story; summer represented Gatsby’s hope, etc. Here are the brief meanings of the weather conditions throughout the novel:  

  • rainstorm (ch. 5&6)- tension or great change
  • sun (ch.5)- betterment of relationships
  • heat (ch. 7)- tensions between people
  • summer (ch. 7&8)- Gatsby's dreams for Daisy
  • autumn (ch. 8)- the death of Gatsby's dream


Created by Zachary Dell